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              • China manufacturer OEM customize procision aluminum stamping

                Contact Information

                Add: Hedong Industrial Park, Dandong Street, Xiangshan County, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

                Factory SectorHedong Industrial Park, Dandong Street, Xiangshan County, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China Foreign trade sectorRoom 2109 Disney Building, No.666 TaiKang middle road, Yinzhou District,Ningbo, China Tel: 0086- E-mail: Fax: 0086-

                China manufacturer OEM customize procision aluminum stamping

                巅峰棋牌网站Product Details Introduction

                China manufacturer OEM customize procision aluminum stamping

                Quick Details

                • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
                • Brand Name: haina
                • Model Number: customized
                • Material: Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass etc
                • Finish: Anodizing, Powder-Coating, Zinc-Plated,Paints and primers, etc
                • Process: cnc machining
                • Type: compression mold

                Packaging & Delivery

                Packaging Details: each pc in one bubble bag, then in one carton, the last packed in to wooden box
                Delivery Detail: 25days


                1:Produce stamping parts more than 10 year experience 
                2:Responsible supplier

                3: ISO9001, IEC



                Production Process:


                1. Tooling (Mold) design and Manufacture.


                2. Manufacture the parts according to the Stamping Machine.


                3. Riveting, Welding or Screw tap according to Customer's require.


                4. After finish manufacture process we will test the parts by the Image measurement instrument, Caliper, Angel Gage etc.


                5. After make sure all the dimension can reach customer's require, we will make the surface treatment process.


                6. After finish surface treatment we will testing all the parts by worker so that we can make sure the parts which we sell is 100% qualified.


                7. After finish testing we will pack the parts by Vacuum Package Machine.

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