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                                Auto Parts
                                Auto Parts
                                Medical Machine Parts
                                Medical Machine Parts
                                Shop Fitting Parts
                                Shop Fitting Parts
                                Lamp Shell Parts
                                Lamp Shell Parts

                                ABOUT US

                                巅峰棋牌网站 Ningbo Haina Machine Co., Ltd. is located in Ningbo China, which is famous for the second biggest container port in China. We specialize in producing all kinds of aluminum die casting parts, surface treatment and machining.we also have strong ability in mould developing.

                                巅峰棋牌网站Our factory has about 200 employees, with an annual output of over 1,000tons.we have established quality assurance system conforming to ISO9001-2000 standards...

                                    Popular cities distribution:
                                Business circles: Exchange links

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